It wasn't great, but out of the Woody Allen films I've seen this was more drama and less about obscure topics. All-star cast, as usual for his films.
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must see - totally B.A.
A really beautiful, cohesive world which gives you very little of interest to do. There are elaborate systems for cooking, item construction, and such, but in practice they're just grinding; the same is true of combat. Not enough variance.
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75% of this movie was just okay - slightly annoying with all the bickering among the Avengers. The final 30 minutes redeemed it though, with plenty of good action and humor. Wouldn't be the same without Robert Downey Jr.
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Hated this the first time I saw it, but loved it the second. The characters are all assholes (except the one that is absent for almost the whole movie), but the premise and gags make up for that in spades.
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The film has almost nothing to do with the title, and Mandy Moore looks exactly the same through the entire movie including the flashbacks.
I don't know why so many people rag on this game. Great single player campaign, and a fantastic multiplayer experience. Holds up wonderfully years after its release, which is more than I can say for a lot of games.
A solid story, with an open-ended but satisfying conclusion. Unfortunately there wasn't great chemistry between Josie Ho and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, but it didn't ruin the film.
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Nothing is more annoying than a story with a protagonist whose only flaw is being too awesome.
Similar theme to The Wicker Man, but the acting is atrocious and there isn't anything compelling or new about the plot.
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An action game focused on close-up combat and timed evasion. Well-balanced, challenging gameplay throughout. The main character design is problematic (pure male gaze), but at least they make it a proper part of her personality. Story silly but fun.
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This is what The Playboy Club could have been if it was on cable. An excellent cast brings the hotel to life, and the story has plenty of deceit and secrets to keep things interesting.
A reasonable, if predictable, family movie. The animation is top notch though, and it tickles the nostalgia.
The acting was decent, but the script was a bit slow and odd - I kept wondering if they were going to pull a Fight Club. It does have a fantastic monologue by Leslie Bibb in the middle though, speaking to the police.
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Makes good use of its arcadey physics for a variety of levels and situations. The world and story is surprisingly fleshed-out, particularly the hand-drawn scenes showing a civilian's perspective on the war. The main theme is still stuck in my head.
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