Some slow drama and lots of bloody action in a convincing post apocalyptic world - but the great ending is what earned this an extra half-star from me.
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All the lighting with the new scenery is great, interesting and fresh. Mystical new world in Pandora that we haven't seen before is facinating to witness. Great film :)
Half-hour wasted intro, weak acting from Sienna Guillory, and a few huge silly plot holes. At least the action was fun than the last - though more utterly ridiculous than usual at parts. Open-ended as always.
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A good end to an amazing show but felt very rushed and left a lot to be desired. I guess this is what comes of fitting a whole season into 4 hours.
There are a lot of stories where two people swap places, but this one was well acted and had an interesting cast of characters. The intriguing plot and time period helped too. Wouldn't have minded if it lasted longer than two hours!
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So its a comedy its about letting wilds escape i think.
Love the genre and loved the acting from Denzel and even Reynolds (unexpectedly). Lots of action, intrigue, foreign locations, and uncertainty about the true motivation driving Washington's character all make this well worth seeing.
Overacted in a ludicrous and comic fashion - this mini-series delivers a violent and humorous crime drama. My only gripe is the slightly inconclusive ending.
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Really liked this one. Casting/acting was superb all around and the premise really kept my interest. You get to feel personally invested in the outcome. Well done in every way.
An incoherent mess with no relation in story or theme to the original Poison Ivy.
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I have nothing bad to say about this game. The interesting and fun story, unique graphical style, and amazingly fun and un-grindy gameplay win out over my usual JRPG wariness. Why can't Final Fantasy be more like this?
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Josh Hutcherson is annoying for most of the movie, as usual - but Michael Caine and Vanessa Hudgens made it almost bearable.
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Thought this would be super hokey, but was pleasantly surprised. Damon is always top rate, but this is the first time I've appreciated Johansson's acting, and little Jones is mesmerizing. Made primarily for kids, but also enjoyable for adults.
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Odd action-RPG that wears its Team Ico influence on its sleeve. The story is surprising, involving, and harsh. Simple but fun action gameplay, blessedly no grinding. Excellent music with lots of track mixing. Strong architecture, but muddy graphics.
Most of the movie was solid but not great, with a few scattered amusing moments. The rather trippy finale was entertaining though. Chloe Moretz's character seemed a bit out of place and extraneous - they should have scripted her differently.
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